Friday, October 12, 2007

Time is a Gift

I was awakened early this morning, I think at about 5:30 by the phone. Charlie was already up getting ready for work, so that meant I had to get it. So I pull my exhausted pregnant self out of bed and I answer the phone. It was the hospital. Charlie was supposed to work an overtime shift today, but they were calling to cancel him. My very rude awakening lead to a day full of blessings.

Charlie made his world famous french toast for breakfast. It was Robbie's first time eating Daddy's french toast and he loved it.

Then we decided to head to Salisbury for a trip to the zoo. It was all decorated up for their Halloween night in the zoo stuff. Robbie had a great time, and of course we got plenty of pictures.

Robbie liked the flamingos the best. I think maybe he liked them so much because they are so very loud, ya know, like his mom.

Eventually, I got tired and made Robbie pull the wagon. Remember, I did have to wake up WAY too early. After we saw most of the animals (Robbie impressed people looking at the monkeys with his ability to make monkey sounds), we headed over to the playground and Robbie had a blast making new friends and swinging.

The plan for the day involved Daddy going to work, Robbie going to school and Mommy cleaning the house. I think that this very special day full of family fun was definitely a gift. By the way, if you would like to come and clean my house, please feel free.