Wednesday, October 3, 2007

School Days

Alright, Wednesday is a crazy day. It will be the day that challenges me the most to get fresh, hot off th presses Robbie pics. I work in the office all day on Wednesday, Robbie is in school. After work and school it is a rush to get to dinner at church at 5:30 (gotta be there early or there are no chairs - God is doing awesome things). Then, usually Charlie is at work, so I have to feed Robbie and myself alone while "working the room". Then it is off to the nursery and classe for us and then Robbie is usually late to get to bed. So anyway, Wednesday will be difficult.

That being said, this Wednesday, I took pictures of Robbie at school so I could make sure to get some in. Next Wednesday is still unknown. So for now, enjoy!

We are on our way!

Look! It's my classroom

Robbie is at the big boy table!

Robbie insisted upon taking his milk to school.

Robbie's teachers, Mrs. Jemma and Mrs. Carol. Robbie loves Mrs. Carol!


Leslie said...

You are so cute with your bloggness and all. I am struggling at work to stay awake thinking that any moment I am going to go in and nap on Bob's couch, and you manage to find time to take pics of your incredibly cute child, upload them and write about his day. You are SO my hero!!!
Love you girl!