Friday, September 19, 2008

Sand, Cake and Spiders

We may very well have had our last day at the beach this week. :-( Robbie loves being at the beach. He loves the waves, the sand, the animals (he can chase a seagull all day long). We feel blessed that we eeked out one more warm day when we were both home - now if only we could have one more.

We bought a cake pan that creates cakelettes in the shape of train cars. Robbie can not get enough of it! The other day, I used M&Ms for the wheels and Robbie thought I had hung the moon. We look forward to more train cake, train muffins, train cornbread, etc.

This picture has no real story. Robbie was just enthralled by the spider webs in the bushes in front of our house. I am just enthralled by him.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Has Robbie Been Up To?

Oh so very many things!

Of course, we have been to the beach. Robbie likes to ride the waves close to the shore in and out. He also loves to dig in the sand.

We have been doing science experiments. Robbie's current favorite subject is volcanoes. Here is a picture of him making a volcano with soap suds.

Robbie has been laying down the charm with the ladies (just like his daddy). Here is a picture of Brenna playing with Robbie in his bed.

We have been having trouble getting Robbie to nap. He does usually - eventually - fall asleep, but we are never completely sure where he will end up. The picture below, he did on his own. We store books in this compartment in his dresser. He took them all out and cuddled in for a nice snooze.

Of course, Robbie still loves his sister.

Maybe a little too much!

If you have enjoyed these pictures - you have Stefanie to thank. I hate disappointing her!