Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Little Man's Halloween

As soon as the candy bowls went out, Robbie a.k.a. Donald Duck wanted them - so badly. Daddy said no, Robbie would have to wait.

His friend Abby and her mommy Leslie came over. Abby got candy. Robbie still had to wait. What is the deal?

Fine, no candy. Fine! I will just play and I will show them. I can have fun on Halloween without candy.

Uncle Jack really liked Robbie's costume!

Uncle Jack took Robbie trick or treating! Woohoo! People giving Robbie candy! This is the best!

Finally, Robbie can eat his candy! Now he just had to make it through that pesky wrapper.

Don't mess with a boy hopped up on sugar. You won't like the outcome.

After the sugar fades, the crash hits hard. Thank God Grammy Susan was there to catch Robbie!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Howl - O - Ween!!!!

I love Halloween. Maybe it is because I love free candy, or maybe it is the color orange. I really think that I love Halloween because it is the last true kids holiday. I truly give no credence to any association with the dark arts. I think of Halloween as a holiday with no stress, an opportunity to live your dream of being a princess, an astronaut or a cartoon character and of course... free candy.

Anyway, we have of course been celebrating Halloween to the hilt in the Brown household. I have a Halloween village that Robbie insist be turned on first thing every morning - he is really very picky about it. Robbie has even had pumpkin shaped grilled cheese sandwiches.

This weekend we kicked the free candy season off early with a trick or treating trip to Rehoboth. A lot of the shops give out candy as a part of the Sea Witch Festival. It was really crowded, but Robbie looked cute in his Donald Duck outfit and he had a lot of fun.

And what would Halloween be without a trip to Elmer's to pick out a pumpkin? We brought it home and Charlie and Robbie carved the pumpkin together. Robbie let daddy use the knife.

We are looking forward to tomorrow night when Uncle Jack and Grammy Susan come and help hand out candy to the trick or treaters. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking - The New Frontier

So today I played around with digital scrapbooking. I present to you my very first page. It shows Robbie eating his very first bowl of cereal with milk and everything. He even used a big boy spoon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Busy World

Robbie has been so busy lately! He spent some time with his Grammy Susan while Mommy went to the doctor. He was very excited that he got to play with Kathleen and Joann too! He even got to play with clifford, the Yeary's rottweiler. Robbie kept calling him a bull instead of a dog!

On Saturday we went to the school's Fall Festival. Robbie liked being with the people - but that was about it. We put him in the moon bounce and he pretty much just laid on his belly. He didn't seem miserable - he just didn't want to stand.

Monday, Daddy worked at the hospital. Robbie was very anxious to see his daddy so as soon as bath time was done, Robbie went outside to wait for his daddy. Please note the ducky slippers that Robbie totally loves!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sort of in Mourning

It sounds stupid. Every pregnant woman wishes that the time would pass quickly. But maybe that is because it doesn't. Time is a constant. It does not change. 60 seconds equal a minute. 60 minutes equal an hour and so on and so forth. For me time has changed it's unchangeable ways.

I went to the doctor thinking I was 12 weeks pregnant, about to start my 4th month. I left the doctor with a completely different story. I am 15 weeks pregnant and tomorrow I begin my 5th lunar month of pregnancy. I feel robbed. I am one of those uber weird moms that checks every website and celebrates every new development. I savor them. I think a lot about my little guy/girl. I went to the doctor and I had a baby about an inch and a half long. I leave with this four inch bohemoth.

This all sounds so stupid. Mostly because it is stupid. I have a miracle inside of me. Robbie is going to have a best friend for life. And I am bummed. Not about the baby, but about a much more trivial loss.

On this, what is most likely my last pregnancy, I really wanted to embrace every second of it. I feel robbed.

Anyway, Robbie pictures will be posted when I am in a more positive mood. He is super cute, BTW. He is obsesed with his ducky slippers right now.

So, check out my new ticker that reflects my ginormous baby. I have felt the baby "flutter". Just like it's brother, it either really hates it or really loves it when Mama plays the guitar.

pregnancy calendar

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Selfish Confession

Charlie is a wonderful daddy. I love how much Robbie loves him. But....

It does make me feel good when Robbie asks for me. I makes me feel good when Daddy asks Robbie what he wants and he says Mama. I love that Robbie loves his daddy, but I love that he loves me too.

So, on to the pictures. When I pulled out the camera this morning, Robbie screamed, "smile". He really is smiling, it is just hard to see it under the pac.

Robbie had fun hanging out in my office before dinner. When we are in a crowd, Robbie doesn't call me mama. In a crowd he calls me Mamie. It is his combination of Mama and Amy.

That's Entertainment

To entertain ourselves yesterday, we dressed Robbie up in his tux and headed to the beach for pictures. To entertain you, I am posting them on the blog!

Robbie decided to entertain himself too! He had tons of fun with his golf ball on the way home. He kept saying, "bite ball", which is sorta what he did. Sorta.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ho Hum

Ya know, not every day is incredibly interesting. I know that might seem shocking to many of you, but really - not every day is interesting. Let's look at the photographic evidence:

1. Robbie is still in some MAJOR LOVE with his new UD ball. He takes it everywhere - it is his favorite thing. Here you see him about to drag it all over Milton on a walk with Mommy, his friend Brenna and Brenna's mommy Holly.

2. I need a pedicure - yep I took a picture to hint to my husband that I need a pedicure. He totally did not get the hint, so here it is on the blog.

3. Robbie likes balls. See, totally not interesting because we all know that the only thing in the world that matters to that boy is balls. So below you will see him holding a football while watching football with his daddy (This was about the same time that I took the picture of my feet - major interesting)

4. I am posting pictures of an old event. You see, Robbie has a fairly opinionated Godfather. In fact you could call him kind of a hive mind type of person. Anyway, he has insisted that this photo of me crammed into a roller coaster with my son at Apple Scrapple be placed on the blog. Olivia is on the ride too. That makes the picture better.

5. Since old items are not off limits - here is a picture of Uncle Jack going above and beyond to make sure that Robbie looked really cute in Stef and Joe's wedding pictures. The use of the picture is purely at the privilege of the editor of this blog!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a Scrapple-rific Day

We had a great day! We went to the Apple Scrapple Festival with Uncle Jack and Grammy Susan. We had a blast watching people wait in line for Scrapple sandwiches. The lines were so long that poor Uncle Jack didn't get a sandwich :-(

Then Robbie got a nifty free football and he and Grammy Susan had tons of fun with that! He threw the ball to Susan until he realized that it was WAY more fun to throw it away from Susan and make her chase it!

Then Robbie got to go on some of the rides at the festival. So did Grammy Susan!

Robbie thoroughly enjoyed the view from on top of Uncle Jack's shoulders. He is not used to being so high in the air when he rides on people's shoulders!

Then we had a yummy lunch with Jack, Susan, Laura and Runner Up to the King, Trevor. Then we went to visit Daddy at work!

The rest of the day was spent being in love with Robbie's brand new ball from Uncle Jack and Aunt Susan. Robbie even insisted that we take the ball on our play date at the local school playground. Robbie got to play with his BFFs Brenna and Jackson. They had a great time until Robbie felt that Jackson was eyeing the ball a little too closely. Anyway, Robbie had another great day and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful little guy!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Time is a Gift

I was awakened early this morning, I think at about 5:30 by the phone. Charlie was already up getting ready for work, so that meant I had to get it. So I pull my exhausted pregnant self out of bed and I answer the phone. It was the hospital. Charlie was supposed to work an overtime shift today, but they were calling to cancel him. My very rude awakening lead to a day full of blessings.

Charlie made his world famous french toast for breakfast. It was Robbie's first time eating Daddy's french toast and he loved it.

Then we decided to head to Salisbury for a trip to the zoo. It was all decorated up for their Halloween night in the zoo stuff. Robbie had a great time, and of course we got plenty of pictures.

Robbie liked the flamingos the best. I think maybe he liked them so much because they are so very loud, ya know, like his mom.

Eventually, I got tired and made Robbie pull the wagon. Remember, I did have to wake up WAY too early. After we saw most of the animals (Robbie impressed people looking at the monkeys with his ability to make monkey sounds), we headed over to the playground and Robbie had a blast making new friends and swinging.

The plan for the day involved Daddy going to work, Robbie going to school and Mommy cleaning the house. I think that this very special day full of family fun was definitely a gift. By the way, if you would like to come and clean my house, please feel free.