Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sodor in Milton

Well, it is official. The boy loves his trains. He loves everything about them. He loves the actual trains - he loves the track - he loves the buildings - he loves Boulder Mountain. He is as happy as a clam! Here, see for yourself!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Season of Thomas-mas has Begun!

Happy Christmas Eve-eve! Robbie had a great day with Jack and Sue-Sue, Stef and Joe and Laura. The crew came over to Eagle's Nest this morning to help wrangle Robbie during the worship service. Daddy is on nights and couldn't be there and Mommy was busy wrangling 100 other kids.

Anyway, they came over for lunch and the opening of the Thomas-mas season! Robbie scored some major Sodor bootie - including a new room in the house - well, a tent as big as a room in the shape of Thomas anyway. Enjoy the pics!

Here are Joe and Stef making sure that even bath time is a time for Thomas!

Susan and Robbie cuddled up.

Robbie exploring his new Thomas tent.

It was not all Thomas - there was a construction bench that was a fun construction project for Stef, Susan, Jack and Charlie too!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Message from Robbie

Yes! I am still cute!

Now go and buy me a Christmas present!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Here's Evangeline!

pregnancy week by week

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Evangeline Pictures on the Way

But I have not yet familiarized myself with my scanner, so.....

Here are some pics of the Dobber. I just must take this time to say that I really enjoy being with Robbie. He is just so much fun lately. He is a great helper and he has this crazy sense of humor. It used to be that at the end of a Mommy and Robbie day I would be happy to see Daddy coming home so they could bond and I could rest. Now, while I am happy to see Chuckles, I get bummed about not having Robbie all to myself.

BTW, he is really into the Wiggles lately. His favorite song is "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear". Enjoy the Dobber pics!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

76 Trombones

Well, maybe not 76 trombones, but Robbie was in a parade. Robbie rode in the Community Bank car with Alexis in the Georgetown parade tonight. He loved it. My comment: it was cold. I think by the time Robbie came by the judges stand, it was 25 degrees. So, when Robbie is 13 and stomping around saying that I hate him and I never do anything for him, someone remind him that his mommy, his daddy and his Uncle Jack stood out in the freezing cold just for him. After the parade, Robbie went out to eat with Jack and trashed his clothes. I think that was Robbie's way of saying, "Thanks for letting me be in the parade Unce Jack!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Williamsburg and Thanksgiving

HA HA!!!! I am totally starting to catch up! I am seriously very proud of myself. Everyone can officially get off my back now.

Robbie enjoyed walking with his Daddy and Pop-Z in Colonial Williamsburg.

Robbie met a nice rottweiler named Claire. Robbie gave her some mad lovin'

Mommy and Robbie looking at sheep.


Grandma and Grandpa helped Robbie make some cookies.

Robbie really liked mushing the chocolate into the cookie.

We discovered that Robbie is quite the rock climber.

Robbie loves things that spin.

Robbie loved playing in the big backyard.

Look you can barely see Robbie!

Robbie and Uncle Mark playing in the leaves.

Breaking News from Sodor

We interrupt this very feeble attempt to catch up on Robbie pictures with this breaking news story.

So many of you who read this blog know about Robbies (aka Charlie's) new obsession with Thomas. Robbie really enjoys playing with train tables at toy stores and book stores, so we decided to bring to the fun home. Robbie is getting tons of Thomas stuff for Christmas - including D-199 who has been retired since 2000! (This was a MAJOR find) But, after several hundred dollars being spent on trains from the isle of Sodor, I began to doubt whether Robbie was really into the trains or if it was just a diversion while we shopped. Now we know - the kid loves trains. We got a Thomas set to go around the Christmas tree and set it up last night. The first thing that Robbie said as he was barely waking up this morning was "choo-choo". He immediately went downstairs and began playing with his train. So, now we know. It will indeed be a very Merry Thomas-mas.