Saturday, January 6, 2007

Too Gorgeous for January

Today was a beautiful day! It was mostly sunny and the temps were on the 70s - in January!! This freakish day could not go by uncelebrated. Holly (mommy's friend) came up with the great idea that we take the kids (Brenna and Robbie) to the zoo. So we did. They both had tons of fun.

Yep - I am barefoot. Yes - Mommy is the worst mommy ever. Actually she didn't even think of shoes since I have been a crawler until now. Once we got to the zoo, Mommy realized that I would want to walk - so off came my socks and I was walking around barefoot in January!

This was my favorite thing all day! This wooden alligator had kind of a xylophone on it. I loved beating the alligator down. Go back to the swamp you stinky gator. Go Vols!

It really was a beautiful day. what a blessing it was to spend it with friends and family. Mommy hopes for a lifetime full of days just like today for Robbie.