Friday, October 5, 2007

Life is a Game

Yesterday fits the motto: All is well that ends well. We wake up and Robbie's rash is no better. He also has a weird spot on his face. We, being the sane parents that we are, freaked out. We called the doctor, hurriedly drove to see her. By the time we got there the spot on his face was gone. And we had a new verdict about the rash. So, the rash that Robbie has had for 2 weeks now, which we were told was poison ivy, is really probably the result of some virus. OK. Nothing to do here.

Robbie then went to school for lunch and naptime so Mommy could get some work done and daddy could go to a class at work.

Then the fun began. Robbie loves three things: Balls, planes and his friend Caleb. Yesterday afternoon had all three! We went to see the ENCA soccer team win a game next to the Georgetown aiport, with Caleb there to see his brother. Yep, life was pretty perfect for the Dobber.

Robbie loves Caleb!

Robbie got a tad sweaty so he was sportin' a mohawk!

I must at this point apologize for not posting yesterday. I fell asleep at 7:00, so no post. Also, I am tired. I guess that is the pregnancy update.