Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Part of Me

So, the pastoral staff went to Pennsylvania to see "In the Beginning" at the Sight and Sound Theatre. I had a great time. I missed my boy. I got home in time to give him a bath and say good-night. That kid loves bath time.

I have my pregnancy claustrophobia back. I can't handle crowds around my belly - which is pretty much just gut lookin - absolutely not baby lookin. I know that people pose no threat to the baby, I just freak out a little bit in a sea of people. Ya know, like old ladies rushing the bathroom during intermission. I had thie same problem with Robbie. It will go away as soon as I deliver ;-)

I was kinda worried about how my tummy would endure the trip, but it was fine. So far, only nausea when I am stupid and let my stomach get too empty or too full. So no stupid, no puke. I can handle that.

What I can't handle is not a single new pic of Robbie today. His school pictures came back and they are OK. In his class picture, pretty much the whole class is looking at me instead of the camera. Robbie of course is looking at the camera and not mommy. Whatever.

I will work to take a picture of my boy tomorrow so that the internet can be over-run with new Robbie views.