Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ho Hum

Ya know, not every day is incredibly interesting. I know that might seem shocking to many of you, but really - not every day is interesting. Let's look at the photographic evidence:

1. Robbie is still in some MAJOR LOVE with his new UD ball. He takes it everywhere - it is his favorite thing. Here you see him about to drag it all over Milton on a walk with Mommy, his friend Brenna and Brenna's mommy Holly.

2. I need a pedicure - yep I took a picture to hint to my husband that I need a pedicure. He totally did not get the hint, so here it is on the blog.

3. Robbie likes balls. See, totally not interesting because we all know that the only thing in the world that matters to that boy is balls. So below you will see him holding a football while watching football with his daddy (This was about the same time that I took the picture of my feet - major interesting)

4. I am posting pictures of an old event. You see, Robbie has a fairly opinionated Godfather. In fact you could call him kind of a hive mind type of person. Anyway, he has insisted that this photo of me crammed into a roller coaster with my son at Apple Scrapple be placed on the blog. Olivia is on the ride too. That makes the picture better.

5. Since old items are not off limits - here is a picture of Uncle Jack going above and beyond to make sure that Robbie looked really cute in Stef and Joe's wedding pictures. The use of the picture is purely at the privilege of the editor of this blog!