Monday, November 5, 2007

This Week Brought to You by the Letter "P"

The title pretty much sums up last week. Every big thing in our lives involved P. How? I am SO glad that you asked.

P1 - Robbie went peepee in the potty. He is such a big man type child. Monday I told him I needed to peepee and he raced me to the toilet. (Excitement in the Brown household) He really did exhibit interest in the potty process. Then when he woke up from nap and his diaper was dry, I asked him if he wanted to peepee in his potty and he said yes. The rest is history.

P2 - This P is gross - so you really might want to skip it. If you are still reading this, ha! You are hooked and in my trap! I drove to Seaford on Friday to do my initial prenatal urine test...again. I did this a couple of weeks ago but there was a problem. My urine sample was (insert dramatic music) stolen. Yeppers, some junkie needing to pass their drug screening for a new job stole my urine. Or, maybe it was my stalker....?

P3 - Robbie was playing with his bathtub alphabet on Friday night. He held up the letter "P" and clearly announced the name of that letter. Yeah, that would be the one that he would know - especially this week.

Bonus Event: Robbie is getting a little too attached to being naked. While it makes potty training a little easier, it makes it harder to greet unexpected company.


Jen said...

Make sure he learns to shake!

Jen said...

Wouldn't it be funny if the jerk who stole your pee was a guy. And they come back and say, "Uh, sir, you tested negative for drugs...but you're pregnant." That would be freakin' hilarious!!

Jen said...

Ok I did it! I stole your pee! I wanted to see what 2 lines looked like!!