Monday, June 30, 2008

Smarter Than Us

Robbie is very smart. He has an uncanny ability to figure out a way to overcome many different obstacles. The unfortunate part about that ability is that most of those obstacles are put into place by us, his less smart parents, to try to do things like, uhm, get him to sleep. He used to have a step stool in his room to get into his bed - that came out when he used it to turn on his lights at night. To get him to nap when he wouldn't in his bed, we would put him in his tent - he has figured out how to escape.

A few weeks ago, we won a TV. This meant that we had an extra TV to put in his room. This was nice because it had a sleep timer and would turn itself off after awhile. We placed the TV on his high dresser, so there was no way he would be able to reach the TV to turn it back on - remember, no step stool in his room anymore. He found a way.

Yep, that is a basket for his toys that he dumped out and turned upside down (that is now out of his room too).

He may be smarter than us, but he will always be our baby boy (until he figures a way out of that).