Friday, March 7, 2008

And We're Back!

OK - it was a really rough couple of weeks, but it is over now. The Brown household has it's camera back, plus one to spare! You see, very soon we will have two children to over-document. What would we do if Robbie was in one room being incredibly cute, while Evie was in another room also being incredibly cute? How would we simultaneously document them with only one camera? I did some work on a time machine, so that I could travel through time with my camera and recapture the moments, but well, Eloise didn't make it, so I decided to scrap that plan (for those of you who don't watch "Lost" - just know that was a very clever comment)

So I got a sweet deal on a little Sony with 7.6 megapixels and 3x optical zoom. Sure, it does not have the zoom of the main Sony, but it will do.

Anyway, see for yourself -

Sodor through the eye of our old camera

Sodor through the eye of our new camera

See - the island looks very similar through either camera. What? You didn't come to the blog to see Sodor? Well, let's get onto the good stuff then!

Robbie decided today that Mickey is his baby. IN the above picture, he is putting a diaper on Mickey. I guess that he is really getting into the baby spirit!