Monday, January 21, 2008

A Playground, some Pirates and a Perfect Picture

What has been going on in the life of Robbie? Well, he got to spend some time playing with mommy and daddy at the Jay's Nest in Seaford. He just loves it when we get to go and hear his little sister's heartbeat (cuz he gets to go play)

Then Robbie got to go and see his very first movie. We went to see "The Pirates who don't do Anything" - the new Veggietales movie. We were nervous about how Robbie would react, but we were blessed to be the ONLY people in the theatre - so it went great! Robbie really liked the movie and he saw an ad for the movie and recognized it a week later!

And then there is this...I love this picture!

Evangeline Update: Thank you all so much for your prayers throughout this pregnancy. We are thrilled to report that her heart has checked out just fine. We went last Friday for a level 2 echo cardiogram and while the procedure took 3 hours (twice as long as usual), it showed that we have a perfectly healthy daughter on the way. Her growth is right on target (she now weighs 2 lbs). We go back to Christiana for hopefully, the 3rd and final time, this Friday. There is no fear involved with this trip - they just forgot to record some of the beautiful pictures of our baby girl last Friday and they need to document her perfection!


Aunti Jen said...

I love that kid!